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I Want Real Food


My son complains…Mom, why won’t you buy “real” food anymore?  

It’s true.  The food in my house is different than it used to be.  My grocery shopping has dramatically changed in the past year or so.   It takes me longer and I spend more money.  I don’t use that many coupons, and I come out with fewer items.  But believe me, it’s for the better.  You’re probably thinking…What?  Why? How is that for the better?  Of course, prices have risen on just about everything, but that’s not the main reason for the change.  I shop for real food now.  Sure, I have to spend a little extra money and put forth more effort, but the wealth gained is immense.

It all started for me when I heard about GMOs.  You might wonder what are GMOs as I did when a friend informed me of them.  Since I care about your health and our country’s health, I’ll share what I learned.  GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms.  Hmm…okay? So, what does that mean?  Well, simply put, these are organisms that have been changed or chemically altered in their DNA makeup. These genes can come from viruses, bacteria, or chemicals.  Most of our food now contains GMOs…roughly 80%.  Why?  

Have you noticed that bananas are bigger and have a longer shelf life?  Have you noticed that watermelons can be bought without seeds?  These things didn’t just happen.  They were engineered to happen.  Not for the health benefits, but for the PROFIT.  Companies make more money if food looks and tastes better.  Increase the shelf life and you increase sales.   Have you noticed that the ingredient list for prepackaged foods gets longer and longer and has words few people understand?  Our food is no longer “food”…but a marketable product that is manipulated and altered to increase profits for big companies.  The focus is no longer on our health, but their wealth.

gmo foods
GMO foods are proven to be  less nutritious, cause food allergies, damage our soil, and have negative effects on honey bees.  They have been shown to even cause cancer.   Isn’t our food supposed to be safe under the guidelines of FDA?  As it turns out, the largest company responsible for GMO seeds is Monsanto.  This company is also affiliated with “agent orange” and pesticides such as Round-Up.   They have big connections with the FDA, USDA, and EPA.  Our government even wants to protect Monsanto by making it unnecessary to inform the public that these organisms are in our food!  Imagine that… government protecting a corporation  rather than its people.

Other countries have fought to keep their food healthy and pure… in its most natural state and free of GMOs.   America is still fighting the battle.  Many people simply don’t realize that this is happening.  You are no longer one of those people.  You now know and there is something you can do about it.  

Aside from getting involved in the fight against Monsanto, you can shop for “real” food.

Real Food Defined

 Yes, it takes a little more time and effort, but isn’t your health worth it?  One small change is better than doing nothing,  If you can’t start big, start with a few items.  Over time, as you make more changes, it’ll become easier.  I’m still making changes and learning as I go. 

My son complains…Mom, why won’t you buy “real” food anymore?  How ironic!  His idea of real food has been formed by an industry whose primary goal is to make a profit.  He’s slowly coming on board and discovering that natural food is good and that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something as a mom.  As a nation, we’ve traded our health for wealth and convenience.   Personally , I’m refusing to make that trade.  

Tonya Rhoades

Tonya Rhoades

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