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work from home companies

Work From Home Companies: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

work from home companies

There are so many options today if you are looking into work from home companies. The key is finding the reputable one that best suits your needs.

We all know those people who jumped into work from home companies with high expectations only to be let down and worse off financially than when they even began. These work from home companies promise the world, and in fact only take. (sigh) I have personally been through this (more than once). It’s my opinion that any place you find people with a dream, sincere hopes in accomplishing something and faith it could happen–you’ll find deceitful work from home companies (and people) ready and waiting to feed those dreams, and take your money.

It happens with people pursuing the dream of working from home every day. They find what they think are reputable work from home companies. They search the web and find credible articles or success stories of people who have done exactly this, and are now living the life of their dreams (sigh). If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this…I would be a wealthy woman. The truth is, good work from home companies are hard to find! Why? Well, just think about it. Do they know you? Why would they trust you to do as expected, from the comfort of your own home, with the influences of your own comfortable life…? The answer is simple. They wouldn’t!

If you expect to find good work from home companies:

You either need to work your way up with a traditional company in a physical location and work on site, proving yourself to management…or you need to be willing to take a good hard look at work from home companies in the direct sales industry. There are more bad ones than good ones, that is for darn sure. But the good ones are out there. You just have to look carefully, and you have to learn HOW to look, and what to look for in these work from home companies who promise so very much.

work from home companiesQuestions to ask when investigating work from home companies:

Is there a product or service? What is it? If there isn’t one you can verify with certainty, it is a ponzi scheme, better known as pyramid scheme. Don’t trust it; don’t get into it. Because no matter what they promise you, when the new money stops coming into these “work from home companies” with no product or service–and people are no longer investing into the scheme (because people are starting to hear about it and realize it is a scheme), you will be the last one standing without a seat for musical chairs if you weren’t one of the very first in who already made your money back. Trust me.

Assuming you pass the first concern and the work from home companies you’re looking into actually have a product (congratulations:))–What is it? Is it something that dispenses and would need replenishing? This is the ideal scenario. You can sell jewelry. But you have to sell to people who have a need for…more jewelry. Sometimes in a tough economy this is not always easy.

What is the investment? And what do you get in return? Make sure it makes sense, financially. You do not need to end up with a garage full of product to be an independent rep for any work from home companies (that are reputable).

Have you seen the compensation plan? Does it include bonuses for new business partners (sponsoring new people you bring into the organization)? Do you have a monetary benefit from the investment your new partner makes into the company? Or you just bring them on, and get nothing in terms of financial reward unless they sell? (This is not what you want. Trust me.) It’s the nature of the beast that people will arrive completely enthused about these types of work from home companies in the direct sales industry–and in three months, you’re still waiting on them to make their first sale. Meanwhile, they’re buying wholesale product from the company itself. You want a company that will continue to reward you with a commission when your “downline” continues to buy the product or service, even for him or herself. If work from home companies you are considering don’t offer this type of compensation layer, they are in business to make the company money but not necessarily the work from home independent representative.

Is your entire goal with the work from home companies you are investigating to “sign people up?” If they have a culture of “signing people up” and having parties, etc. you’ll have a tough time getting to any substantial income (again unless you are one of the first 2% to join). Out of all the work from home companies you are considering, pick one that is serious about their product or service. You should be able to make a good living off merely selling the product alone without recruiting at all. If you can’t do that–pass.

work from home companies

Who would be your mentor? Do you see their visible success in the field? It is so important when you will be in business FOR YOURSELF in any of these work from home companies, that you won’t be in business BY YOURSELF. You should be free to add your own signature or style to the business–and the way you want to build it. It’s yours. However, you should have a clearly marked path in front of you…a trail left by others who are there to mentor you to the same success they’ve had. You should see them on the other side, showing you the way. 

Do you  have to spend a certain (ungodly) amount of money on product to get to a place in the company where you’re making the top percentage of commission available? I’m sure there are reputable companies (such as Advocare and Herbalife) who do this–but it’s like this: if the company has a great product and what they want are great representatives, they should put the product in your hand, arm you with training and give you your due commission with every sale. Why should you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make the same commission as someone who has spent more with the company? What sense does that make? Unless the company is primarily concerned with the income of the company itself…rather than that of the independent business person. I think straight up, a company should pay you a fair commission for every sale. Period. 

 One other thing to consider with work from home companies you might sell for would be how do you retain a customer base? The best scenario would be work from home companies who have a product that dispenses in some way and needs replenishing. Further more, one that offers a program where customers can have a standing order that is shipped every month or how ever long the supply lasts. This would be like an autoship feature–but be ware. Most customers are not keen on getting into something they will be required to repurchase. The program needs to be very flexible, manageable by the customer and the representative–in a way that if the customer doesn’t need a refill on any given month he or she can push it back or change the order all together.

work from home companies

Do any of these work from home companies have retail websites? Red flag for independent sales people. When I sold Stella & Dot jewelry, no consultant was allowed to advertise his or her micro site. Why? Because the company didn’t want any competition. Your warm market (your every day physical network) is the only option you have when building a business with them. Isn’t that terrible? I would never be where I am today with my current company if they had the same ridiculous restrictions on our independent business people. I have built my entire business online through our website and social media. But then again, my company doesn’t sell retail online, and certainly doesn’t advertise the company site. They are committed to their independent business people, just like every direct sales company should be. Do not get involved with a company that would make their independent business people compete with corporate for sales. Period. That’s bad business for everyone except the corporation, 100% of the time. HUGE red flag. But most companies have investors to please, and for them the bottom line is money in their own pockets. Not every company has the luxury of operating completely in the black, like we do. Our owners are our founders (the same amazing ladies who, both Doctors, created Proactiv Solution).

Not every company has an owner who would state “We will define our success as a company by the number of new millionaires we create…” ~Dr. Katie Rodan

And lastly, this one thing to me is the “tell all” for some of the greatest scams that have ever been. When you’re considering any work from home companies, ask yourself this one question: Will the company make money, just because I am here? Think about that for a moment. The work from home companies we work for should make money…when WE’RE making money. That would make sense. Right? If you are a good sales person, you’re selling and the company is making money–and YOU’RE making money. Be wary of work from home companies who promise you a six figure income after you go through their $1300 training course. Or work from home companies who require you buy “leads” from them. (Insurance companies love this scam). If you are a serious independent representative for a reputable company, they’re not going to make all their money off of YOU. Some work from home companies love to front load their sales people. This is when they require you invest in a large amount of product. Don’t do it. You’ll be sorry. Don’t get into anything where you are required to pay for meetings and training, or as I said before…leads. These are all big red flags.

work from home companies rodan and fieldsThere are so many other things to consider when looking at work from home companies. But I think the very best advice I could give you would be to truly separate yourself emotionally from the product category. This is good advice if you are considering a wonderful opportunity and a product that doesn’t really excite you–but it is INVALUABLE advice for you if you are considering work from home companies with a terrible business model that has a product you’re completely enthused about. As my husband likes to say “Don’t be distracted by shiny objects…” lol This works for business, as well as just about every other thing I life I feel. Now I’m not saying you need to be okay if the company has a crappy product that doesn’t deliver. Not at all! I’m talking about the TYPE of product. If you’re looking for something monetarily rewarding–then you need to go where the money is. If the product is good, works as promised and has a good reputation…and the business model is designed to create wealth–then just go for it. Always make your decision based on the business model. Period. Do this, and build a business with one of the good work from home companies you’re considering and you will never regret it.


Tasha Bertoldi

Tasha Bertoldi

Self-described--wife, mommy, writer, designer, entrepreneur, lover of people and animals, avid tennis player, political activist, wine and travel connoisseur and social media junkie... Tasha's professional experience is in marketing/sales and business development. She and husband Guillaume are internet entrepreneurs and network marketing enthusiasts. They reside in South Florida and have built an international organization with Bertoldi Group International, and Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.
Tasha Bertoldi

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